Sneakerhead Youth

Mission Statement


Sneakerhead Youth Empowerment Center’s, Design, Art, Technology, Educational, and Behavioral Support program is the very best in both a world and national class. The SHYEC’s curriculum is designed to prepare and teach students within our program sneaker/footwear design, problem solving, prototyping, marketing, business strategy and development, as well image and branding, through an intensive mentorship model, including educational and behavioral support.

In an extreme effort to be recognized throughout national rankings; we also understand that any academic program, School or even university is more than its rankings. They only point to a larger reality of the quality and impact of our organization.
Within Sneakerhead Youth, you’ll have the opportunity to work with your peers, faculty and industry leaders in all of our disciplines, as well as with students, faculty and professionals from throughout the community support organizations, including local businesses, engineering, athletic shoe and apparel companies and more. You’ll engage in real-world projects brought to us by regional, national and even international clients. The goal: to reduce recidivism, gang violence, and youth imprisonment by improving the quality of life through innovations in art, technology, and sneaker design.

What’s more, many of our programs include cooperative education. Cooperative education is where students alternate in the classroom throughout a course of time for paid, professional work. Our students literally work to expand their educational options while building impressive resumes and professional networks. It’s safe to say: no design program in the nation can match Sneakerhead’s co-op program.
Our accolades are accompanied by a great responsibility to our students. We are dedicated to living up to our acclaim by both challenging our students academically while supporting them personally in a place where students are engaged, prepared for lifelong practice and invited to lead in their respective fields.
Ebony Ormond-Ham
Chief Operating Officer

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